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All Things Green

This page is all about my personal journey into an eco-friendly and more sustainable lifestyle. I will also be sharing helpful hints and actions you can take to help your own homes and communities! Stay tuned for exciting information! Not sure where to start, click the button below!

My Journey

I am embarking on this new journey into a more eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle. I am eager to learn how I can make more of a difference in my own home and my community. My husband and I purchased our home last year and knew right off the bat we wanted to install solar panels. Solar panels were installed in October of 2021 as well as a commitment from our energy provider to source all clean energy to service our address. 

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Volunteer With Me

I want to meet other people passionate about sustainability in our communities! Introduce yourself in an email with and include a couple dates you are available, and we can plan to meet and volunteer together. Let's work together to build relationships focused on improving our communities.

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